Friday, 17 August 2012

12pm update - opex cburn

There really is very little to note at this point. The market remains with the monthly cycles pushing higher. Sure, the bears can claim we've not made a clear break above the April high of 1422 yet, and both the transports and rus'2000 small cap are lagging way behind, is clear..the near term trend remains UP.

The higher highs..and higher lows keep on coming.


sp'monthly, rainbow


So..its a mid-August day, sunshine, warm...and the algo-bots remain very much in control.

Until we see a break under sp'1350 - some 66pts lower, I can no longer consider any further short positions.

Next update..after the close*
*yes, I'm cutting down...there is very little point in such frequent updates, whilst the algo-bots are in meltup mode.