Friday, 27 July 2012

11am update - when will it stop?

We're now just 8pts away from breaking the recent 1380 high. It won't take much to kick it over that. Just another baseless rumour/lie from the EU..and the bulls can take back the weekly and monthly cycles..and then we'll all be set for sp'1500.

Great huh? On days like today, I really wish I wasn't part of this.


sp' monthly

You can already see the underlying cycle on the monthly is now almost starting to flip positive, and we're very close to breaking what was a pretty weak downtrend since the April rollover.


No sign of any turn..or levelling out. If the algo-bots want to melt this nonsense to new highs..then they have it relatively easy now.

A lousy end to the week..and a stark contrast to how we opened Monday.