Wednesday, 18 April 2012

European Markets..cliff fall?

In my regular world index updates I've especially noted the severe weakness in the two major PIIGS - Italy and Spain. The Spanish IBEX  is now in imminent danger of breaking an absolutely huge level.

For 'near' real time updates on IBEX - see:^IBEX&ql=0

Spain, monthly, 20yr historic.

As at 8am EST, the IBEX is down another 3.1% at 7143.

The IBEX is now just 2% away from breaking <7k.

In my view a break of 7k immediately opens the door, and almost guarantees a fall to 5k- within the next 1-6 months. Italy, and other Euro' indexes are certainly not as weak as the IBEX, but they ARE following in terms of a new bearish trend.

Without question, the IBEX is now the biggest warning to the bullish case. Watch that 7000 level. If it fails to hold....things could get.... real interesting.