Thursday, 12 October 2017

3pm update - a little weak

US equities continue to lean - if only fractionally, on the weaker side. Overall price action is outright tedious. VIX remains broadly subdued, although a daily close in the 10s looks probable. Right now, even the sp'2520s should at least equate to VIX 11/12s.




Well, it continues to not be the most exciting of days. Equities will be inclined to lean weak into the close. Tomorrow is setting up to be at least somewhat interesting.

There are at least some dynamic individual movers though, and I'll focus on those...

notable weakness, GILD, daily

Gilead is just seeing some s/t weak chop/consolidation after massive gains since the summer. I am VERY bullish this stock. If it can clear $90, then its open air to around $110. Considering the current F' Pe is just 11, I could understand if some have a m/t target on this >150.

notable weakness, BABA, daily

Alibaba looks tired, after yesterday breaking a new historic high. S/t bearish to at least $175, but m/t bullish to 225/50 by late spring 2018.

notable weakness, DIS, daily

Disney continues to struggle, as the recent low of $96.20 looks set to fail. That'll see things spiral to the 94/93s. I know a few are seeking the mid/low $80s, but that seems a stretch within this broadly strong market. Earnings are due in early November, and from there, I'd look for a late year ramp to $105/110 zone, partly inspired by mainstream Star Wars hysteria.

Finally... strength in SNAP, daily

SNAP is sig' higher for a second day, but there is notable selling within what is key gap/IPO resistance of 16.50/17.00. Broadly, I see no reason to change, and deem this stock... loss making garbage.

back at the close... to wrap up the day.