Thursday, 12 October 2017

11am update - fractional weakness

US equities remain on the weaker side, but clearly, the equity bears look set to be unable to manage anything significant until early next week. VIX is reflective of a capital market with near zero concerns, not least about North Korea or a fracturing Spain. WTIC is -1.8% ahead of the EIA report.




Price action is pretty subdued, but so long as no new historic highs (>2555), this morning's break of rising trend from 2488 is important. Another wave lower to 2540/37 zone is possible before end of today, but even though wouldn't rate as anything significant.

notable weakness, APA, daily

Apache continues to struggle, not least after the Barclay's downgrade to $26, which is a very long way down. Unlike most energy stocks, APA is holding the m/t bearish trend from late 2016.

weakness, JD, daily

Broadly choppy, and still on track to tag the 200dma. Unlike BABA, JD is yet to prove itself with any sig' profits. They look set to do well in the m/t. M/t >50.. and the hyper bullish will be seeking double that. The cautious will lean to BABA.

time for an early lunch