Wednesday, 18 May 2016

2pm update - time for a press release from print central

US equities remain moderately higher, with the latest FOMC minutes due to be issued from Print central. With the market having seen a significant swing from 2039 to 2060, the threat will be of renewed weakness into the close. Eyes on the USD, metals/miners... and oil too!




Seen on the bigger daily chart, current price action is nothing for the bull maniacs to be pleased about. We've been effectively stuck for two months.

Arguably, the only reason to buy/chase.. would be on a break >sp'2100, and that seems way out of range.

Interesting highlight on ZH of 'Northman trader'.. who has made it to clown finance TV.  see HERE

Effectively, NT has an outlook identical to Oscar, yours truly... and a fair few others.

time for some air/sun... or I'll get twitchy... and I don't like that.

back at 3pm.

... BACK... at 2.28pm... and I see a BREAK of core support :)