Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2pm update - sunshine between the showers

US equities remain moderately weak, as the hourly equity and VIX cycles see respective bearish and bullish crosses. In theory, the market should see increasing weakness into the close.. and stretching across to the Thursday open. For now, VIX remains broadly subdued in the low 14s.




Little to add.

So... lets see if we can close in the 2065/60 zone.. as still seems viable. That might just about equate to a little VIX push into the 15s... but clearly.. the 15s ain't nothing to get excited about.

notable weakness: Seagate (STX), -2.3% in the $18.80s... the 12/10 zone really doesn't look that difficult... given another 3-5 months.

Meanwhile... here in London city...

Between the heavy showers, its actually pretty good. The metropolis is soon to reach peak green in the eco-system (not the AAPL one!), which is unquestionably bullish for the UK tourist industry.

stay tuned