Monday, 16 May 2016

2pm update - as good as it gets

US equities are holding broad gains, with the sp'500 +18pts (0.9%) at 2064. With the earlier break above resistance there is clear threat of yet another push to the 2085/90 zone. A break into the 2100s looks out of range. VIX is naturally subdued, -2% in the mid 14s




So.. as things are.. most bullish case is another 25pts or so higher.

Most bearish case remains 2000/1990s. Sustained/significant downside still looks to be no earlier than last week of May.

notable strength: AAPL +3.8% in the $93.90s... next resistance are the $97s.

Here in London city...

Straight up

Goldilocks weather... not too hot.. not too cold
About as good as it gets.

 stay tuned