Thursday, 28 April 2016

2pm update - trying to rollover

The hourly equity/VIX cycles are swinging back in favour of the equity bears. Even if (by some miracle) the market still manages a weekly close in the sp'2060s, it will not negate this morning's utter nonsense, which was a fierce reminder of just how twisted this casino remains.




The equity hourly MACD (blue bar histogram) is clearly starting to tick lower, and it would seem the bull maniacs are not going to manage the 2100s today.

Clearly though... even a close in the sp'2080s is small solace after the relative horror of the opening reversal.

notable strength.... metals.. with the related miners,.. GDX, daily

GDX has almost doubled up since the Dec'2015 low in the $12s... and that is with Gold still only in the $1200s.

For those watching 'The Big Short' tonight... (a movie I'd recommend to anyone)...

Margot Robbie can explain ALL the financial problems.

yours.. bullish bubbles.

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