Thursday, 28 April 2016

1pm update - are we done?

US equities remain in minor chop mode, with the sp'500 still unable to re-take the 2100 threshold. With the USD -0.5% in the DXY 93s, there is notable strength in the precious metals, Gold +$17, with Silver +1.7%. Naturally, the related miners are following, the ETF of GDX +4% in the $24s.




From a pure cyclical perspective, we're set to resume cooling for the remainder of today.

A daily close under the morning low of sp'2086 will not be easy...  and neither will VIX 15s.

Price structure IS a bear flag.. and will only be negated if >2105.

notable reversal/cooling from the open.... FB, daily

A clear black-fail daily candle... with a spiky top. I am no fan of the FB... and I shall refrain from launching into a tirade about this 'company'.

stay tuned