Wednesday, 27 April 2016

12pm update - sunshine ahead of the Fed

US equity price action remains relatively subdued ahead of the FOMC announcement. With earnings continuing to come in badly, some of the bull maniacs are naturally getting twitchy.. but they are still holding to the underlying belief that the Fed can negate such issues.


Nasdaq comp' daily


... suffice to add.. the chop continues.

Nasdaq remains under strong pressure... and has already taken out the 200dma.. equiv' to sp'2014.

notable weakness: NFLX -1.3% in the $91s....     further weakness to $80 looks due if main market does unravel.

Meanwhile in London city....

Its one of those days when its difficult to decide whether to wear shorts and sunshades.. or a winter jacket. There were snow showers yesterday here... with some lightning bolts. Is that bullish for late April?

Somewhat appropriately, the new homes by 'Fairview homes' now have a Fair being built next to it. Are next door theme rides bullish for property values?

time to cook