Friday, 5 February 2016

2pm update - remaining significantly weak

US equities are significantly lower, with the sp' breaking a fractional new low of 1879. VIX remains relatively subdued, +7% in the 23s. With the jobs data out of the way, and China shut next week, the window is still open to the equity bulls for another push upward.




Suffice to add.... marginally interesting declines, but for now, I can't take much of it seriously.

VIX is simply not suggestive of any real problems... yet.

As it is... the afternoon turn time of 2.30pm is fast approaching. Bulls are soon to have another chance to claw things back into the close.

Notably though... we're 3.3% below the sp'1947 high of Monday afternoon.

2.24pm.. provisional spike floor from sp'1875..