Friday, 19 February 2016

1pm update - are we closed yet?

US equities are increasingly subdued, but then it is opex. All US indexes are set for significant net weekly gains, with further upside due next week. Next key resistance is the sp'1950/65 zone. A daily close >1970 will not be easy... not least as the financial rumbles are growing louder... for those who care to listen.


Trans' weekly


*it is highly notable the 'old leader' has been leading the way higher... and is set for the fifth consecutive net weekly gain.

Little to add.

Regardless of the rest of today... its been a week for the bull maniacs... and bears clearly don't have much chance until mid March.

notable strength...  INFN

Infinera is a company I now regularly keep an eye on, and despite viable near term upside to the $16s, it looks headed a long way lower.. if sp'1600s this spring. Fundamentally.. it appears rather good.

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