Tuesday, 12 January 2016

VIX continues to cool

It was a day of swings for equities, and it was notable that despite the indexes turning negative, the VIX never turned green, settling -7.5% @ 22.47. Near term outlook offers further equity upside to the sp'1970/90 zone, and that likely equates to VIX <20.




Most notable aspect of the day was indeed the VIX. Despite equities swinging from sp'1947 to 1914, the VIX stayed negative.

Sub VIX 20s look due.. with sp'1960/70s. If 1990s, then VIX could cool to the 18/16s.

*I've eyes on TVIX-long... but not until next Tuesday... probably from the $6.00s, with VIX 18s or lower.

more later... on the indexes