Tuesday, 12 January 2016

3pm update - clawing upward into the close

US equity indexes are making a push to turn back positive, as the baby bull flag looks set to play out. By definition, the sp'1950/60s will be viable tomorrow/Thursday. First target of 1970 looks viable this Friday/next Tuesday. New for Oil of $29.93... but currently rebounding >$30.




*baby bear flag on the VIX

An interesting day in market land.. one where experience does actually count for a lot.

yours truly remains.............. patient.

notable movers...

AA -9%.. as the market is not fooled by the latest earnings report

CNX -7%.. commodity carnage continues

TVIX -4.5%... crazy intraday swings today.

3.30pm.. sp +14pts @ 1938... and no doubt the bears are getting short-stopped again.

The 1970s are due... although look out of range tomorrow. More viable on Thurs/Friday.

TVIX -8%... back to the opening level.    What a day !