Tuesday, 29 December 2015

11am update - unicorns in a sunny sky

US equities continue to build gains, with the sp' breaking into the 2075/80 resistance zone. As things are.. a year end close in the 2080-90 zone looks probable... along with VIX 14/13s. Oil is certainly helping the market mood, holding sig' gains of 2.7% in the $37s.




So.. we've tested the FOMC high of 2076... and now its a case of whether we close a little above... or below it.

Considering the bigger daily/weekly cycles, a Thursday close >2076 looks very likely. That would be a great relief to the mainstream who are clearly desperate to see at least a few indexes close net higher on the year.

Meanwhile.. here in London city

A pretty good late afternoon... and remaining mild.

time for an early lunch