Monday, 16 November 2015

3pm update - no complaints

US equities have continued to battle upward, and look set for the first sig' net daily gains since Nov'2nd. Oil is unquestionably helping broader market sentiment, having swung from -1.6% to +1.9%... holding the key $40 threshold.. at least for today.




Price target has been met.

Enough time has elapsed in this down wave.

Even if there is some weakness across Tue/Wed'... today's low of sp'2019 looks set to hold... with broad upside into the next FOMC.

There can be no complaints today... equity bears had opportunity to exit at the open.. and bulls similarly had  ample opportunity to go long.

notable strength: NFLX +6.2% @ $110s.... as Jessica Jones is on her way...

The entirety of season'1 will be released at 12am midnight.. this Friday.  For some.. it will make for one hell of a 13 hour movie.

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