Monday, 16 November 2015

11am update - choppy... but positive

US equities are seeing a little chop, but still moderately positive, after overnight lows to around the sp'2K threshold. USD continues to build gains, +0.5% in the DXY 99.30s. Metals remain choppy, Gold +$3. Oil remains notably weak, -1.3% in the low $40s.



The strong swing in Oil (from gains of >2%), to -1.6% is really restraining this mornings equity attempt to rally.

Again, the underlying issue of supply has not in any way been resolved. Sustained price action under the $40 threshold looks probable... and that sure won't help the energy stocks.. nor broader market.

notable strength/reversal...

AAPL, daily

Finding support around rising trend.. although yes.. its far from perfect. Those equity bulls seeking hyper-upside are clearly going to need to see AAPL >$132... preferably by year end... but that sure won't be easy.

Meanwhile... here in London city...

A bit windswept, showery... but it sure ain't cold... 50/55f.

time for an early lunch