Wednesday, 28 October 2015

1pm update - churn before the FOMC

US equity indexes break a new intra high of sp'2082.. along with VIX 14.58. There remains high threat of a brief spike higher to the 2085/2100 zone before a key reversal. Oil is holding powerful gains of 5.7% in the $45s.. whilst Gold is +$12.



... the quiet hour.. before things get a little wild.

notable strength... AAPL, +2.8% in the $117s

However.. cyclically.. AAPL looks vulnerable to selling lower into mid Nov'.. along with the rest of the market.

notable weakness: TWTR, -3.5%.. but that is a clear 7% above the earlier lows... as some of the momo chasers have appeared.

Back.. just before 2pm