Tuesday, 29 September 2015

2pm update - time for a rollover

US equities have seen a secondary wave higher.. and are likely to rollover from current levels into the close. Regardless of the exact close though... tomorrow (day'10)... will offer a straight gap lower... possibly under the Aug' low of 1867. if so.. then 1820 is viable tomorrow.




Its starting to get rather exciting.

A viable top in the 1900/1905 zone..around the typical turn time of 2.30pm.

..standing by....


2.07pm.. SHORT-DIS.....   .. as the main market is looking like it is done.

2.09pm... SHORT-AAPL

2.15pm.. LONG-VIX

Market offering another micro up wave.. but its all small moves anyway.

2.29pm.. Market attempting another micro up cycle.. but broadly... price action is weak...

*I'm looking to pick another few short-positions before the close.

2.32pm.. SHORT-GE .. with sp'1886

2.38pm.. SHORT-DAL, with sp'1885

2.40pm... Will hold 5 short-market positions overnight... seeking a first exit at sp'1820.