Tuesday, 29 September 2015

12pm update - almost there

US equities remain moderately higher. An ABC bounce appears still in progress.. with the market likely to max out sometime from 12pm onward.. in the sp'1900/1905 zone. Sustained action >1910 looks extremely unlikely.. as the daily/weekly cycles continue to warn of a mini crash in the immediate term.




*I remain on standby, seeking a heavy reshort in the 12-2pm time frame.. .with sp'1900/1905, and VIX 25s

Frankly.. its playing out so far okay...  market teasing those bears getting overly excited at the open... and on the minor cooling after 11am.

A C wave peak around 1pm... or so.. would be fine.

VIX update from Mr T.


Sunshine helps... even if its a chilly sun

time for tea.. or something stronger

12.23pm.. STILL on track...