Tuesday, 29 September 2015

11am update - ABC, 123, XYZ, or whatever

US equities are seeing some notable bounce gains. Whether you want to call it an ABC, 123, XYZ, or whatever retrace/bounce... the broader trend remains increasingly bearish. A crash wave remains very viable across the next 2-3 days.




*I am seeking some kind of bear flag to develop... via an ABC wave set

I am trying to remain patient and not get lost in the minor price noise.. which is hard when I'm staring at the 5/15min cycles for hours on end !

Currently on the sidelines... but targets are locked on.

time for some sunshine in the park (or I'll go crazyyyyyyyyy)... back at 12pm

11.40am.. back...   market battling to complete a B wave....   C looks ON TRACK to 1900/1905.