Friday, 7 August 2015

2pm update - sunshine into the weekend

US equities remain broadly weak, with the (not so mighty) Dow set for a seventh consecutive net daily decline, but even more importantly.. a very bearish net weekly decline of around -2%. The 17000 threshold remains an obvious target for early next week.. at which point we're prone for a bounce.




*second consecutive green candle on the VIX... looks fine into next week.

The Dow looks real ugly... as also reflected on the monthly cycle which has flashed a few warnings sign this week.

notable weakness: AA -3.5%.. seemingly headed for the 8s.. or 7s.

CNX -6%... coal miners continue to implode.

NFLX -2.6%...  You know the market is struggling when even the hyper-momo stocks are negative.

London city is pretty good today.....

Blue bearish skies... into the weekly close :)

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