Thursday, 6 August 2015

11am update - moderately weak

US equities remain moderately weak, but clearly, the bears are still unable to build any significant.. and sustained downside. VIX is reflecting a touch of increasing market concern, back in the low teens. Commodities are mixed, Gold +$6, whilst Oil -1.5%.

Dow' daily

VIX'daily2, rainbow


* a notable green candle on the VIX chart... first resistance is the upper bol, which tomorrow will be around 15.00

The Dow is lower for the sixth day, and the cheerleaders on clown finance TV are getting a little twichy about this index. First target remains the 17000 threshold.. which is only 2.5% or so lower

notable weakness: DIS -3.7% in the $106s.

DISCA -1.5% in the $28s, continuing the severe decline from yesterday.. headed for 25/22.
GMCR -28% in the $53s
TSLA -8% in the $246s.

time to cook... back soon.

11.35am.. Things are starting to get interesting.. sp'2082... VIX 14s due.. and its not even lunch time yet.

... tomorrow is going to see a major break.. one way or another.