Monday, 12 January 2015

Pre-Market Brief

Good morning. US equities look set to broadly climb into this Friday's opex... ahead of a long 3 day weekend. The bigger weekly/monthly cycles are both offering sp'2110s within the immediate term. VIX looks set to cool back to the low teens.


sp'weekly7, rainbow


*bull maniacs should be looking for a green candle this week, I would guess we'll need to see 2070s for such a bullish candle.

Reading around this past weekend, it seems there is fair consensus that so long as the market does not break under sp'2030/25 or so... the bulls should be fine for upside into the coming 3 day weekend.

I'm certainly holding within that consensus.. seeking a move to the low sp'2100s.. whether by this Fri' opex... or the following Tue/Wed.

Update from a somewhat twitchy Carboni


 Hunter with a hyper-inflationary doomer

As ever... make of that........ what you will.
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