Tuesday, 11 February 2014

12pm update - longing for the Bernanke

The US capital markets are so far content with the statement and answers from the Yellen. Yet.. a fair few traders/web posters are starting to acknowledge.... we'd rather have the Bernanke back. Metals are noticeably higher, Gold +$16, and aiming for the 200 day MA.

Fading memories..of the Bernanke


Coming from yours truly, noting a wish to have Bernanke back probably sounds bizarre, but hey...I did note it many months ago, that I had wished the Bernanke would have taken a third term.

The notion of 8 years of the Yellen....it is amusing to see many posters venting their horror at the realisation that we have many years of the Yellen ahead.


The break above the 50 day MA is clearly significant, and we're now almost 4% higher in barely 5 trading days.


VIX update from Mr T.

time for tea

SUPER bonus chart for lunch...


We are now outright bullish on the weekly 'rainbow' chart.