Friday, 20 September 2013

11am update - fearless market

Whilst the main indexes continue to see minor chop - to be expected on quad-opex, the VIX is once again reflecting a market is almost fearless, with VIX -3.9% in the 12s. Precious metals are getting the hammer again, Gold -$30. Oil weak, -0.4%.



Today could easily close where we are...and if thats the case, I'll be more than content to sit it out across the weekend.

I'd really want to go long, no higher than 1715/10.  Certainly, the 1720s aren't attractive enough.

Notable moves, AMZN, +2.5%.

Clearly, its because I just had a delivery in this mornings mail.

*I've never traded AMZN. I steer well clear of the hysteria stocks, but I certainly follow them!

11.26am... sp'1718....hmm..the pressure remains lower across today.

Will be interesting to see how market copes..if 1712/10. I'd have to guess it'll hold.