Wednesday, 16 January 2013

11am update - same old nonsense

Opening minor declines...crawl back to flat. Rinse..repeat. Bears should be somewhat concerned that the VIX came close to breaking into the 12s earlier, which would be kinda suggestive that the next break..will be to the upside.




Still very quiet out there. Is this how its going to be..with infinate t-bond buying (POMO) ?

To my surprise, I don't see many out there showing any respect to the 'free money' that the Fed is throwing at the primary dealers.

Notable stock movers...AAPL, and BA.

No doubt a fair few short-stops are getting hit this morning. VERY weak chart trend though..even a move into the 530s wouldn't negate the broad down trend.

The bulls maniacs are going to need 550/560s after earnings to have a chance at ramping this hysteria-surrounded stock.