Friday, 6 May 2016

2pm update - minor chop

Equity price action is increasingly subdued, as the market appears content to trade quietly into the weekend.    USD is back to flat in the DXY 93.70s. Oil is again cooling, having got stuck under declining resistance/trend, currently +0.4% in the $44s. Metals remain broadly strong, Gold +$13, with Silver +0.8%.


USO, daily2


So much for the VIX climbing higher into the weekend.

Its certainly a tedious day for the equity bears, although its notable that all equity indexes are still set for a second consecutive net weekly decline.

Schiff on Trump... on the US debt.

Here in London city...

Warm sunshine.. 70s....  with another block of (overly small) London apartments almost finished.

stay tuned... and stay.......... cool