Wednesday, 4 May 2016

11am update - the spirit of the bull maniacs

US equities remain moderately lower, and despite ongoing weakness, it remains the case that the bull maniacs remain extremely confident.. with a fair few touting broad upside across the rest of the year. For the moment... nothing has changed since the key historic high of 2134 in May 2015.


USO' daily2


*EIA report: net surplus of 2.8 million barrels.

USO saw a clear break of rising trend yesterday.. and in theory.. $10.00 is a valid target... and that is another 9% lower... which if correct... sure won't help US equities.

notable weakness... BA, daily

Another one of the key stocks I am following.. which have seen a key break of rising trend. Clearly, its going to take a sig' market upset just to drag BA back to the Feb' low of $102.10.