Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2pm update - time for a press release

Its time for another press release from PRINT HQ, with the latest minutes of the FOMC. With the sp'500 already hitting 2061, just 1pt shy of the 2062/66 gap, we're almost certainly at/close to the high of this bounce from 2042. VIX is naturally in cooling mode, -5% in the 14.50s.




... lets see what the algo-bots make of the latest fedspeak.

On a pure cyclical basis, we shouldn't go any higher than 2066.... and with a clear two hours left of the day, some cooling into the close is arguably due.

yours... watching

2.28pm.. Hmmm.... minor chop.. but leaning a little downward.

A daily close in the 2040s sure would be useful.