Thursday, 14 April 2016

2pm update - more debt will help?

US equities remain in minor chop mode, having made fractional new highs of sp'2087 and Dow 17962. The hourly cycles continue to swing back toward the bears, but it remains the case that even a retrace to 2050 will merely make for another higher low.




*current hourly candle is somewhat interesting. At the current rate, we'll see a bearish MACD cross early tomorrow.

There is clear gap zone to hit first.. its possible before the weekend, but the probability will be far higher after opex.

Meanwhile... PYPL are again trying to entice me...

Thanks for the offer Paypal... but no.

Maybe I should instead write to Draghi, and ask for a €1bn loan at -0.5% interest?  I'd have an annual income of €5 million, never mind the original €1bn.

yours.. debt free.

PYPL, daily

As for the stock, its basically traded within a 25% range since it was spun off from EBAY almost a full year ago, and is following the broader market. I actually quite like the company (along with EBAY), but not at these levels.

back at 3pm