Thursday, 14 April 2016

1pm update - the eco system

US equities remain in minor chop mode, having broken fractional new cycle highs of sp'2086 and Dow 17953... the latter of which is very close to breaking the key Nov' high (17977). VIX remains subdued, -2% in the mid 13s.

Dow' daily



Little to add, as the algo-bots continue to melt the market higher.


It has long riled me whenever I hear any of the cheerleaders (not least the infamous Cramer) talk about the AAPL or GPRO 'eco system'.

Using such terms is pure marketing nonsense....

GPRO, daily

So.. 3 of the lunch time crew still have GPRO on sell. Does J' Najerian not realise that consumers are no longer in the mood to pay $400 for a HD cam, when they can buy any of a dozen other brands for $40 ?

In terms of price, I guess you could argue GPRO is trying to form a floor, but just consider its basically flat lined as the market has climbed around 15%. I'd not buy it at $1.00, nevermind the teens.

In any case..  every time a cheerleader talks about 'the eco system', an angel loses their wings.

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