Monday, 18 April 2016

11am update - nine Dow points

With the latest bullish news that Doha failed to reach an agreement, and the Brazilian President set to be ousted... US equities are naturally moderately higher. Most notable, the Dow has come within 9pts of breaking the critical Nov'2015 high of 17977.

Dow' daily



VIX: imploding from the 14.90s to the 13.50s. The only level to break now is the 13.00 threshold.

Arguably, any daily close >17977... is one of the very last short-stop levels to bail.

I realise some will disagree, and instead tout sp'2090 or even the Nov' high of 2116.

In any case... I'm about done with this.

notable weakness.. AAPL, -1.6%