Friday, 4 March 2016

VIX lower for a third week

With US equity indexes breaking a new cycle high of sp'2009, the VIX broke a new cycle low of 16.05, but settling +1.0% @ 16.86. Near term outlook threatens further equity upside to the 2020/40 zone, which might equate to VIX briefly in the 15/14s.





*a significant net weekly decline of -14.9%

A third consecutive net weekly decline in volatility, with the VIX having been almost cut in half since the Feb'11th high of 30.90 (with sp'1810).

It would seem VIX will remain broadly subdued for another week, before a claw back into the 20s.. post-FOMC.

Right now, the 25/30 zone looks probable by mid April, with hyper-upside more viable in late April/early May.

more later... on the indexes