Friday, 4 March 2016

2pm update - the bullish hysteria of junk

Whilst the broader market is battling to build moderate gains, there is notable bullish hysteria in a number of those stocks that remain set to disappear, but for now... 'everything is fine again'. No doubt many of the naked shorts are having to cover at 'any price'... and some chasers are appearing to push things even higher.

SDRL, daily

CHK, daily

FCX, daily


*note how all three are fast approaching their respective 200dma.... broadly in sync' with the sp'500.

A few weeks ago, most would have considered all three companies on their death bed.

... but they are all considered 'fine', at least for now.

No doubt... the retail amateurs chasing these crazy stocks are going to get burnt... its just a matter of how many weeks until they re-implode.. toward zero.

2.16pm.. SDRL, 5min

That spiky candle around 2pm.. has already resulted in a massive swing from mid 7s to the 5s.