Tuesday, 29 March 2016

1pm update - the Yellen continues

US equities are not surprisingly seeing a bounce, unquestionably 'inspired' by the Yellen press release. There are multiple aspects of resistance in the sp'2045/55 zone, and a failure/reversal looks probable. USD is -0.6% in the DXY 95.30s. Metals are catching some attention, Gold +$17.




Attention will likely remain on Yellen until around 2pm.

... interestingly, the smaller 5/15.. and perhaps 60min cycles will all be highly prone to max out in the 1.30-2.00pm time frame.

notable weakness, TVIX -3% in the $4.80s.

stay tuned !

1.15pm.. the Q/A already ends.

So.. sp' 2045. with VIX 14.60s..       

1.34pm... market remains in chop mode... around strong resistance of 2045/55.