Thursday, 24 March 2016

12pm update - grey skies to end the week

US equities remain moderately weak, sp -9pts @ 2026. Cyclically, we're still due a bounce, but with each passing hour, the recent high of 2056 is more likely a key mid term high. VIX remains 'relatively' subdued, +4% in the 15s. The key 20 threshold looks viable next week.




*note the upper daily bollinger for the VIX, across next week, that will be around the key 20 threshold.

So.. we're still weak, and with a 3 day holiday ahead, price action will be increasingly subdued this afternoon.

Q. How spooked will the cheerleaders on clown finance TV be, with a third consecutive net daily decline?

Here in London city

Bear market remains under construction

Not an inspiring way to lead into 'Good Friday', rainy, and zero sunshine.

time for lunch :)