Friday, 11 March 2016

12pm update - Dow breaks the 200dma

Whilst the sp' is +26pts @ 2015, it is notable that the Dow has broken above the 200dma (17150s). There is a notable gap of 17405/425... equivalent to sp'2038/43. VIX remains in melt mode, -7% in the 16.70s. Oil has re-built gains, +1.1% in the $38s. Gold -$11.

Dow' daily

Dow' weekly2


As I'm aware some of you also agree, it is increasingly amusing seeing how most have now turned outright bullish again.. even calling an ultimate floor in Oil from $26.05.

If you believe Oil has floored, I got 600 million barrels to sell to YOU !

notable weakness, TVIX -7% in the $6.30s... the $5s are now highly probable.

time for lunch