Friday, 11 March 2016

11am update - ending the week on a sunny note

US equities continue to claw higher toward the 200dma (sp'2019), with the VIX remaining subdued in the 16s.  With the market mood rather bullish, the precious metals are losing a distinct fear bid, with Gold -$12. Oil has notably cooled, now +0.4% in the $38s.




*it is highly notable that the upper daily bollinger is sp'2033.. whilst the lower is powering upward.. now at 1875.

Market looks increasingly comfortable for rest of today, and in theory, it should hold together into Wednesday afternoon.

The gap zone of 2038/43 is certainly within range, but from there..  we should see another key lower high solidify.

Here in London city....

Finally, some sunshine this week... and it almost feels like a real spring day.  Bullish!

time to cook