Wednesday, 6 January 2016

3pm update - net daily declines

US equity indexes are set for the fourth net daily decline in five trading days. Market mood remains very weak, and the 1960/50s still look an easy target. Gold is holding a fear bid gain of $14, whilst Oil remains -5.0% in the upper $33s.




New intra low... confirming the bear flag. In theory, it should now be a straight run to at least the 1960/50s early tomorrow.

Regardless of the exact close.... its another day for the equity bears.

*as things are, it seems I've been lost in the minor noise, and I am not interested in shorting from this level.

The next realistic prime setup won't arguably be until late January.

3.36pm.. For those who come back more than once an hour.. this is for you...


If for whatever reason we open higher tomorrow, I'll look to short it then. In any case... price action remains weak.

VIX is +6%.. which frankly is surprisingly...  well below the Monday high.

back at the close......