Wednesday, 27 January 2016

3pm update - moderately choppy

US equity indexes remain moderately choppy, after the Fed press release has given the market the excuse for a swings. VIX has seen some rather dynamic action, although some of the prints are arguably to be dismissed as 'rogue'.




*VIX sure has seen some crazy prints, ranging from 27.22 to 20.42

I realise some out there are looking for a top... but really.. it seems highly unlikely today was the day.

The bigger weekly cycles are still highly suggestive things won't max out for another few weeks.

notable weakness

AAPL -5.8%
BA -8.5%
NFLX -5.4%.. broad weakness.. major problems in the months ahead

Barring the apocalypse... I'll return at the close

3.16pm.. sp -29pts...   with VIX +6% in the 24s.


It is notable that Gold is picking up a fear bid, +$5.. having swung from -$5

3.21pm..   and that is why some say not to trade 'Fed days'. Can get real messy... on both sides.

AAPL -6.4% in the $93s is causing real problems.. as the Aug' 2015 low of $92 is not at threat.