Tuesday, 5 January 2016

1pm update - moderate cooling

US equities have cooled from an early spike high of sp'2020 to 2004. Despite the underlying weakness, another minor push higher looks due into the close/early Wednesday. Downside targets remain at the gap zone of 1954/51, and 1920/00 zone. Oil remains broadly weak, -2.0% in the $36s



The 1pm hour... so long as market doesn't trade <2K, the bear flag is merely still growing.. and I'd guess that will be the case.

Market is merely churning for a day and a bit before next wave.

Meanwhile, King was talking a little earlier.


From the $2s to $25s
It is highly notable that since King took office, gun sales have soared, and that sure helped Smith and Wesson stock, higher by over 1000% since the lows in 2008/09.

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