Tuesday, 19 January 2016

11am update - sunshine for the bull maniacs

Despite a rather significant cool down from pre-market gains (sp+30pts @ 1910) to an early low of 1885, the market still looks set for a daily close >1900. VIX is naturally cooling, -4% in the 25s, and looks set for the 20/18 zone by next Wednesday.




It is clearly a bit of a mess... as the market is battling hard to solidify gains.

It seems highly probable that sp'1857 is a short term floor... headed for 1940/60.. before resuming to the 1700s. The only issue is how long that might take... February.. or a more choppy decline into March/April.

In any case.. the 1600s look a comfortable target, no later than May/June.

Here in London city...

Icy sun

Next full moon... Jan'24th

Most of everything is frozen.. but the sunshine sure does help.

time to cook