Friday, 29 January 2016

11am update - new cycle high

US equities break a new cycle high of sp'1918, although there are already signs of a little cooling. USD is showing some rather powerful strength to end the month, +1.2% in the DXY 99.70s. Metals are managing moderate gains, Gold +$4. Oil continues to remain volatile, swinging from +1% to -1%.




Not much to add.

We've sp'1910s... along with VIX -6% in the 20s.

Clearly, the market is still broadly weak... but the 1940/70 zone looks on track.

Here in London city....

The sun to set on month'1 of 2016.

time to cook

11.05am... something I just noticed...


We have our first blue candle. We should get at least 2 more of these... maybe 4-5.. depending on how long it takes for the market to rollover into the spring for a probable crash wave.