Wednesday, 6 January 2016

11am update - bear market under construction

US equities are battling to rally from the early low of sp'1986, but that makes no more sense as a key low than 1989 did. Renewed weakness is due.. at least to the 1960/50s. The bigger picture is what really matters though, as a bear market appears under construction.




*price structure on the micro 5min cycle is................. a baby bear flag.

Hard to guess if we'll see another little push upward. If we do.. it will be one to short.

Maybe 2002/2004 in the 12pm hour.

So... a new cycle low of sp'1986... and that sure isn't the floor in the current down wave from last Wednesday (2081)

Here in London city....

Under construction, like the bear market

Moderately creepy skies
time to cook