Thursday, 12 November 2015

3pm update - a sig' net daily decline... as expected

US equity indexes are set for significant net daily declines, with the sp' on track for the 2040s with VIX 18s. More broadly, the 2020s - with VIX 20s, look due. Metals remain weak, Gold -$2 @ $1082, with Silver -0.2%. Oil remains particularly weak, -2.8% in the $41s.




We've seen a fair few attempts by the bull maniacs to rally this market today.. .all have failed... as we've not simply fallen enough.. nor seen enough time elapse (from the bear flag break) yet.

Today has been good.. and has proceeded as expected.

*to be clear.. the more natural retrace to the sp'2020s looks far more viable next Mon/Tue, than tomorrow.

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