Wednesday, 4 November 2015

3pm update - minor net daily declines

US equity indexes are set to close a little lower, but clearly, nothing significant.. with first realistic opportunity for a -25/30pt day this Friday. VIX is holding onto gains of around 4% in the low 15s. Metals are lower for a sixth consecutive day, with Gold -$9, and Silver -1.1%. Oil is -3.0% in the $46s.




Price action is clearly still very choppy.. and for now.. there is little to expect until Friday morning.

notable strength: NFLX, TSLA... the latter remains a corporate joke, having posted yet another lousy earnings report. Hell, at least NFLX posted a profit.. if fractional (along with help via some accounting tricks).

Earnings due at the close... FB... and WFM.

back at the close...