Thursday, 15 October 2015

2pm update - building gains

US equities see renewed upside, breaking above the Wed' high to sp'2013.. along with VIX cooling to the 16s. Oil is battling to break out of the short term down trend, currently still -1.0% in the $46s. Metals remain a little weak, Gold -$2.




*it is notable that the weekly 'rainbow' candle has turned back to an outright bullish green

Frankly, equity bulls should be very content with any close >2K... the 2010s will be a bonus.. and merely give extra clarity that higher levels are due into next week.

notable weakness: NFLX -8%.. and currently stuck around the $100 threshold.

strength: DIS +1.5% in the $107s.. seemingly headed for the 113/115.. at least.

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