Tuesday, 27 October 2015

11am update - quiet weakness

US equity indexes remain moderately weak, sp -5pts @ 2065, but it sure is quiet out there. Despite another array of econ-data coming in broadly weak the market is holding together, but then.. bad news is often good news in this twisted market. Oil remains notably weak, -1.6% in the $42s.




*seen on the bigger weekly charts, you can see that with last weeks closing red candle, the bigger cycles are now back to outright bearish.

Nothing much to add.

Net daily gains still seem somewhat probable... with a move into the sp'2080/90s, before first real opportunity of a retrace back to around the 2K threshold.

notable strength (ahead of earnings).. AAPL +0.8% in the $116s.

time to shop.. .back soon.